Our Story

Naked Clean® was born out of a personal experience and began with the simple idea that harmful chemicals should not be in our homes to the degree that they are today.


After months of having problems with his throat, one of our family members decided to figure out why he was getting so sick. We discovered that the steam from our daily showers was activating dangerous chemicals in the bleach our maid used to get our bathrooms “sparkling clean”. Over time, the bleach and other toxic cleaning products in our home were causing him to develop health issues.

We asked ourselves, “Why, in this day and age, haven’t we turned to green and natural products in our home?” There had to be a better way and it was up to us to find it. Naked Clean® re-invented house cleaning with the introduction of Probiotics, other non-toxic products, and the promise to keep homes People, Pet and Planet Friendly®.