Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Naked Clean® different?

You can think of Naked Clean® as a match-making service for house cleaning. We believe that putting a housekeeper in your home is an important decision, so we start by doing a free in-home estimate to learn what is essential to you. We identify the level of detail you want, the areas to be cleaned, your preferred day and time, the size of your home, any pet concerns there may be, your price range, and several other characteristics.

Once we understand your particular needs, our staff will review our membership of independent housekeepers to find the most compatible match. By seeking out experienced and professional maids that fit your needs best, we hope to create a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.

What exactly is an independent housekeeper?

An independent (contractor) housekeeper is someone that is self-employed and in business for themselves. They often have many years of experience, but may find it difficult to locate enough long-term customers of their own, manage administrative duties, handle schedule changes, and advertise.

So this is where Naked Clean® comes in—we scout out reliable, independent housekeepers and provide them with as many customers as they need. We also create a professional environment between the two parties, which is something that often gets overlooked.

We are very proud of our ability to locate and identify the best independent cleaners in San Diego.

How do I know if Naked Clean® is the right choice for me?

Naked Clean® is a good choice if you want a reputable company with professional cleaners, you are concerned about consistent cleaning results, you want to know who is cleaning your home, and you want a guarantee that you are protected in the event of damage.

And if you’re environmentally friendly, then we may be the perfect fit! We’re all-natural and guarantee the use of non-toxic products in your home.

Price-wise, Naked Clean® falls somewhere in the mid-range. We’re slightly more expensive than an independent cleaner who works from his or her home and does not offer self-insurance or self-bonding, yet we cost less than the big guys whose maids work on a larger scale and may not be as personalized to your particular needs.

Is “green” cleaning really better?

The short answer—yes. Many experts believe that bleach and other highly toxic chemicals are not only breathed in as deadly fumes, but can also be absorbed through the skin just by simply walking barefoot on a recently cleaned floor. This can be particularly problematic for our children and pets with their smaller bodies and generally less developed immune systems.

Naked Clean® stays away from products with warning labels reading “Hazardous,” “Danger,” or “Caution.” We have embraced Probiotics and other non-toxic products to not only keep your home squeaky-clean, but also reduce allergies and illnesses. Green cleaning is highly effective today and, once you experience it, we doubt you will return to the toxic alternatives.

To find out more check out How We Work or read our Why Probiotics? page.

*Note: Not all of our independent housekeepers use Probiotics, so please request it if this is important to you.

What if I prefer the use of toxic chemical cleaners?

Although we are a green cleaning company, we do get requests to use specialized toxic cleaning products from time to time*.

We admit that certain cleaning products, like bleach and calcium-lime bathroom cleaners, do have a limited role when tackling very tough cleaning jobs like mold, dried grease, grime, and heavily stained glass or chrome fixtures.

Since our housekeepers encounter all types of conditions (including move-in/out cleanings where there are usually stubborn existing stains) and often have their own non-Naked Clean® clients who do not clean green, they may use a toxic chemical cleaner for them.

However, it’s important to note that we never use a toxic cleaner without our customers’ permission or without special request.

*Note: Not all maids use or carry toxic products, so please let us know in advance if you require or prefer a specialized product.

Do I need to provide the cleaning supplies and equipment?

Nope! Housekeepers purchase and bring their own green cleaning supplies and a powerful commercial vacuum, so you don’t need to worry about it. However, if you have ‘special’ cleaners or would prefer the housecleaner to use your vacuum, simply let our staff or the housekeeper know and they will be happy to use your items.

Will it be the same housekeeper(s) every time?

Yes, you keep the same housekeeper as long as both of you are happy. Again, this is why we work with independent maids who want to be your house cleaner for as long as you will have them. Once we recommend someone, only you or the housekeeper can alter the relationship.

What if I don’t like how the housekeeper cleans?

We do our best to match you with a housekeeper that will serve your specific needs. However, in the event you are not pleased, we can easily make arrangements to refer someone new. This is one of our main strengths—you can let our office staff know if the fit isn’t right and we’ll make the changes for you.

Does the housekeeper use a checklist?

Naked Clean® does not use a checklist. Rather, the maid pays special attention to what is important to you. The reason we do an initial free in-home evaluation is to understand your cleaning needs so this is information can then be relayed to your housekeeper.

Do I need to prepare for a cleaning?

It’s always a good idea to lightly pick-up items such as toys, clothing, or other belongings from the floors and countertops. This makes the cleaning as efficient as possible and saves you money as some maids may add an additional ‘pick-up’ fee if excessive pick-up is required.

Do I need to be home when you clean?

This is entirely up to you. There are four options:

  1. You can be home
  2. You can hide a key or use a lock-box
  3. You can leave a door unlocked that can be locked upon completion
  4. You can provide a key to the housekeeper or to Naked Clean’s office staff for safe keeping (keys are coded for your protection)

What happens if something is damaged or stolen?

Your confidence in us is of primary importance. After all, we are referring to you a person who will be in your home.

For the most part, we are very familiar with the housekeepers we refer to you as most have worked alongside us for many years. As well as having a business relationship with our housekeepers, we also consider them friends. In other words, we know and trust them.

When a housekeeper joins our membership program they make a commitment with us to self-insure up to $3,000 against possible damage or loss if proven they are responsible. Naked Clean® and the maid have a written agreement to split these costs guaranteeing you are protected.

How do you charge for your cleaning service?

Most cleaning companies charge by the square foot or just bill hourly. However, for our Repeat-Clean® service we typically use a room count method. This allows you to choose if you want to have the entire home cleaned or just part of it, which can save you money.

Pricing also depends on the detail you require. For example, if you prefer a ‘highly detailed’ cleaning, you might expect to pay slightly more than someone who simply wants a ‘lite’ cleaning.

Ultimately, pricing lies with what you want done and the housekeeper’s determination of whether they can deliver the results you expect for the price you’re willing to pay. For more details check out our Pricing.

How do I pay for the service?

You may pay by cash, check, or credit card.

If paying by cash or check, just leave it on the kitchen counter for the housekeeper to pick up. Please make checks payable to “Naked Clean” or in the name of your housekeeper.

If paying by credit card, please provide your information to our office staff. You will see a charge on your statement for Naked Clean*.

*Note: Credit cards are typically processed twice a week after the cleaning has occurred.

Should I tip the housekeeper?

This is completely up to you. Tips are always appreciated, but never required.

Do you offer refunds?

Every housekeeper offers a “Guaranteed Clean,” which means that you must be fully satisfied or they will re-clean any areas you feel need more attention.

It’s always good to keep in mind you are paying for someone’s labor and not just returning a product to the store. As you know, house cleaning is very hard work and we have great respect for the people who clean houses for a living. But, please, always feel free to let us know if you are not happy with a cleaning for any reason.

What about holidays or if I need to reschedule?

Some maids choose to clean on holidays so please make sure to ask us if you need a cleaning on a particular holiday.

And as for rescheduling, it happens. If a holiday or other conflicting event falls on your cleaning day and you would like to reschedule, give us a call or simply send an e-mail. Please try to notify us within 24-hours as some housekeepers charge a cancellation fee without a full day’s notice. The more notice the better, as this permits us more time to help locate another cleaning job for the maid and reschedule the visit for you.


The owner of Naked Clean® has been involved in the cleaning business since 2004. We are a local and family-owned business, an accredited member with the Better Business Bureau, and a proud partner of Cleaning for a Reason. With thousands of satisfied customers throughout San Diego County, we have the experience and reliability you can trust.