About Naked Clean

Naked Clean® is truly different. 

Since 2007 we have been using our platform to refer Professional Housekeepers who “clean for a living.” They’re skilled, self-motivated and trustworthy. When making a decision to put a housekeeper in your home you need the confidence both the company and the housekeeper are backed by a solid reputation.

What we do

Our single goal at Naked Clean is provide you with amazing cleaning experience as well as help improve the lives for the independent housekeepers. It’s simple, really… when the house cleaner is happy, the client will be happy too.


Our Story

Naked Clean was born from personal experience of the owner’s husband. One day after his shower he found it difficult to breathe and was rushed to the hospital only to recover quickly with no cause found to the sudden and scary health condition.

Only after many years and a second similar incident, was it discovered to be an allergic reaction resulting from the combination of household cleaning bleach combined with glass cleaner containing ammonia, which their housekeeper, at the time, would use to clean the shower. The combination of bleach and ammonia has been well known for over a century as a deadly poisonous gas, first used in World War I.

The question was obvious– Why are such deadly chemicals so commonly used in our homes? It made no sense. There must be a better way to clean.

So, began the search for a ‘reliable’ housekeeper who would also clean with safe, non-toxic cleaners. Unable to locate such a housekeeper, Naked Clean was created to solve this problem.

However, shortly after Naked Clean opened its doors in the fall of 2007 the economy crashed and many people were out of work and desperate for income. On any typical day it wasn’t uncommon to see ten or more unemployed housekeepers (usually women) asking if Naked Clean could help them find work. It was incredibly saddening to witness the desperation of so many people.

Naked Clean decided to make it a goal to get as many of these displaced workers into the homes of people who were looking for reliable, professional, independent housekeepers. Naked Clean allowed hundreds of housekeepers to join their network platform of professional cleaners. Within a short time, Naked Clean was placing house cleaners with clients with many smiling faces! Many of the housekeepers literally went from abject poverty to a livable, stable income, in just a matter of months. It was remarkable. Even today, over 15 years later, many of these housekeepers are still friends of the owner, and that is a gift!