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Non-toxic Green Cleaning

Cleanings can be green and non-toxic if that is your preference! People tend to believe that killing germs with highly toxic cleaners is a good idea—the stronger, the better. But those toxic chemicals can actually be more unhealthy for your family than the germs that they replace.

On top of that, all those germs that do survive these toxic cleaning assaults can evolve into ‘superbugs’, something well known within the medical community. The germs can adapt to their new toxic environment and become stronger as they learn how to survive. Our body’s immune system then has trouble fighting these stronger and more resilient germs.

So, if you don’t want the use of toxic products in your home, how do you fight the dirt and the germs? By choosing this ‘Non-Toxic Green Cleaning’ option at the time you book your appointment or service, independent maids in our network who use green and non-toxic products will make your home healthy and clean while being People, Pet and Planet Friendly®!

Natural Probiotic Cleaning

Naked Clean® has re-invented house cleaning by providing to clients the additional green option of choosing the services of independent maids who will use Probiotics at no extra cost to you. Probiotic cleaning is a separate type of non-toxic cleaning. Please note that even if you choose the ‘Non-Toxic Green Cleaning’ option, Probiotic cleaning is not included as not every independent maid carries Probiotics. So if the use of Probiotics is important to you, please indicate this request when you book the appointment or service. Once we understand your needs, we can refer an independent maid who cleans with Probiotics at your request. But what exactly are Probiotics?

In nature, there is a balance of bad germs (those that can cause illness) and good germs (those that fight to keep you healthy). Probiotics are those good germs that your body actually needs. Another reason it may not be your preference to use toxic products is that when they ‘guarantee to kill 99.9% of germs’, they are not only killing the harmful ones, but also the necessary ones.

What Probiotic cleaning basically means is that an overwhelming amount of these good bacteria are added to beat out the bad germs, just as they are meant to in nature.

On top of being non-toxic and safe, the use of Probiotics may be the best allergy treatment available today. Rather than treating symptoms, they literally reduce the quantity of allergens in your home. They go directly to the source of the problem as allergens such as pet dander, dust mite fecal matter, and mold spores are mainly made up of proteins which are actually food for Probiotics.

Many of our customers who have chosen the ‘Natural Probiotic Cleaning’ option tell us their allergy symptoms have been significantly reduced when at home. They cannot believe the improvement and how much better they feel.

To learn more and get an in-depth look at how Probiotics work, check out the Why Probiotics? page.

Non-green Cleaning

Customers are free to select the types of cleansers they would like used in their homes when they book their appointment or service with Naked Clean®. So if the use of green, natural cleaners isn’t for you, we have made the service of independent maids who will use of harsher, non-green cleaning products available as an option to clients.

Certain cleaning products, like bleach and calcium-lime bathroom cleaners, do have a role when tackling very tough cleaning jobs. Although green cleaning has advanced, there are certain things (such as mold, dried grease, grime, and heavily stained glass or chrome fixtures) that can be better overcome with non-green, toxic cleaners. So it’s true that, although we offer the option of independent housekeepers who will use Probiotics and other green cleaning products upon request of the client, you can choose the use of specialized toxic cleaning products if that’s what you prefer!