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We are family owned and a strong believer in our local community. In our initial search to find highly effective, safe, natural cleaning products, we discovered the scientifically tested probiotics ability to remove germs naturally without the use of harsh, toxic chemicals.

Do you want a truly clean home?

Since 2007, Naked Clean has pioneered the green cleaning with an emphasis on probiotics and other natural ingredients like essential oils and pure blended citrus products.

Through our Platform, we have booked over one hundred thousand professional residential housekeepers and commercial janitors to both homes and businesses in San Diego and North County.

Defeating pathogens (bacteria and viruses) without harming humans

For the past 100 years it was believed the best way to clean was to use chemicals that not only kill germs, but also the ability to harm humans.

Today, scientists specializing in microbiology have learned we can kill and reduce the risk of germs in our homes and offices without also adversely affecting our health at the same time. By copying nature and how our bodies fight disease, probiotics have risen to the forefront.

Boy’s hand after playing in mud and with his dog

Any cleaning product can wipe-away dirt visible to the eye. The key to a safe clean space is at the microscopic level — this is where the action takes place. This is a picture of microbes on a boy’s hand after playing outside in the mud with his dog. The picture, as gross as it appears, is really a demonstration of just how many different bacteria species are in our everyday environment.

So, the question we need to ask ourselves — “How to keep clean and safe without using chemical cleaners which are also harmful to our health?”

Probiotic proof – hospital and university studies

Our probiotic products efficacy are hospital and university tested to remove up to 85% of many bacterial pathogens (germs) from our homes and workplaces.

These results are unparalleled compared to the dangerous chemically-driven products used today. Upon application of probiotic cleaning in this hospital study, dangerous pathogens remained at safe unparalleled levels when compared to the harshest disinfectants.

Probiotic ‘whole house’ dry misting

Probiotic misting can reduce germs and allergens, including dander and dust mite excrement. It’s nearly impossible to clean every nook and cranny in your home or office, but our mist treatment solves this problem by penetrating all surfaces such as, walls, ceilings, drapes, clothing, around appliances like refrigerators, etc. The dry mist is less than 10 microns, so it can be directed onto any surface or item without fear of getting it wet.

Germs love hanging out in protected places like cracks and crevices, doorknobs, air vents, chairs, furniture, drapes and of course bedding. Probiotic misting is able to easily access these areas where cleaning is often extremely difficult or time consuming.